Saturday, 9 July 2016

Solar Defence Booster

Need a sunscreen but hate the feeling of it? With summer already here and the sun in full force, sunscreen is an essential part of anyone’s skin care regime. Dermalogica has a quick and easy solution for those people who do not like the feeling of sunscreen. It’s Solar Defence Booster, a great formula that’s light on the skin and can easily be mixed in with your everyday foundation. Or for the non makeup wearer`s you can mix it into your favourite moisturizer. With a sun protection factor of 50, you`ll get the coverage you want. Perfect for all skin types, you will never switch back to your old sunscreen again.

Victoria S @ Avantika Spa
Spa Administrator 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Facial Fridays. $10 Dollars off!

Facials Fridays.

Concerned with dull, dehydrated skin ,our Age Smart Facial Treatments  effectively removes dulling surface debris .Pure vitamins A C & E noticeably revitalizes skin & improves its tone & texture  this revealing a fresher & healthier skin.
Based on your skin needs, this treatment will
Help remove dulling & dead surface cells
Will brighten skin
Stimulates cell renewal & turnover
Skin appears smooth, purified & nourished

All Facials are $10 off on Fridays.

Avantika Skincare Specialist.

Sun Savvy with dermalogica's After sun Repair!

Now that it is May and summer is right around the corner it is important to protect your skin from the harmful UVB/UVA rays.
A lot of the time you forget to put on sunscreen, you didn't apply enough or you got caught in a sunny spell and you realize that you got a sunburn, but fortunately you don't have to suffer in Pain!! Dermalogica has a product called After Sun Repair!
Some of the benefits of After Sun Repair
1) Provides instant comfort and naturally reduces the pain associated with over-exposure
2) Make a soothing post-waxing balm that cools and helps minimize redness.
3) Helps to repair sun-related DNA damage
4) Moisturizes the skin to help shorten recovery time
5) Calming extracts soothe and refresh.

Application of After Sun Repair:
Apply a generous amount over previously sun-exposed areas of the face and body. Keep product away from eyes and repeat application on sensitized areas, as necessary, for maximum comfort.

It is important to take care of your skin and using SPF is one of the first steps in helping your skin stay protected from sun and environmental changes.

Prevention is key. One blistering sunburn doubles your risk of melanoma. Remember to get a yearly skin exam by a doctor and perform self-examination once a month to detect early warning signs of carcinomas and malignant melanoma!!

Dermalogica also carries a large range of products that have SPF in them as well as targeted products for certain skin types! Look at the picture below and find which Dermalogica product with SPF is right for you!

Keeping you sun Savvy,
Richelle Dick

Thursday, 24 July 2014

PreCleanse Love

I swear by pre cleansers. I love them. The look, the feel, and the way the make up melts off with minimal work. They're fabulous. The first dermalogica product I purchased was the PreCleanse, and this ones a game changer. It's double duty, use it as oil cleansing, and by adding water PreCleanse turns into a milky emulsion.

Some benefits to precleansing:
-helps with oily skin conditions by balancing out the sebum (oil) that your skin naturally produces.
-by balancing the sebum production, your skin will be able to maintain its optimum oil levels.
-Gives a deeper clean than using cleanser alone, allowing your skin to get all of the benefits of your cleanser.

The dermalogica pre cleanse is double duty. It gives an even deeper clean when you add some water to the mix. Because pre cleanse is hydrophilic (water loving), it lathers into a creamy lotion type consistency.

How do You Precleanse?!

1. Dispense a pea size amount into dry hands.
2. Massage over face and eyes. Concentrate on areas of congestion.
3. Add some water. Continue massaging. Pre Cleanse will turn into a milky emulsion.
4. Rinse it off with some lukewarm water.
5. Follow up with your nightly skin care routine and voila! Beautiful glowing skin will be yours in no time!

Thank you & best regards your,
Skincare Specialist
Kelly Wotherspoon @ Avantika Spa

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

How can I desensitize my skin?!

Everyday I love cleansing my face with Dermalogica’s ultra calming cleansing gel and after using barrier repair as my moisturizer to help calm and soothe my sensitive skin. What I really love about barrier repair is that when you apply a pea size amount to your skin, it actually makes your skin look matte, which is a great base for applying your foundation too.

Dermalogica’s Barrier Repair is a water-less, silicone-based moisturizer that melts gently into sensitized skin to soothe and help repair damage from environmental aggression's. The anti-ozonate complex, including evening primrose oil and emollient silicone's, strengthens the skin's natural lipid barrier to prevent future attacks. Also formulated with Dermalogica Ultra Calming complex, it is especially ideal for sensitive skin types.
Even great for men to reduce irritation after shaving. Ideal for all environmentally aggravated skin conditions

Building our barrier with Barrier Repair!
Medical Skin Care Specialist,
Stacey Hepworth @ Avantika Spa 

Got Questions about your Glow - Airbrush Tan Q & A from Avantika Spa

Goddess Glow Airbrush tanning - Questions & Answers!

Frequently Asked Questionnaire taken directly from our supplier and brought straight to our clients!

No!  Since organic color pigment is not a stain or a dye, it will not permanently stain and will wash out of any synthetic material.  Many focus testing groups found that the color could be removed more easily than make-up on collars.  No pre-laundering treatments were required.

This is one of our favorite questions!  We boast that our product needs to be applied on the average of only once or twice a week.  Of course, you will determine your own maintenance schedule.   Remember, you are in control, you can deepen your tan simply by applying more of the product.

NO! Remember that the organic color is for application.  The unique Dihydroxy (DHA) is what creates your tan.   Just like a tan from the sun, the tan from this product will not wash off because of its new breakthrough formulation!  Note: DHA is not permanent, so it will fade just as any suntan does, which is why a weekly application is recommended to maintain your tan.

In our marketing research we discovered that the use of our product with the sun or with a sun bed actually accelerates the tanning process.  Stimulating the dark pigment of the skin, known as Melanin, accelerates any form of sun tanning.  Those who wish to combine our product with an additional sun tanning regimen will see quicker and more satisfying results than ever before.  For this reason, many Suntan Salons carry our products to use with sun beds as a Melanin Accelerator to promote tanning.  Our product is also ideal for those who cover their face during tanning or who have trouble tanning the sides of their bodies or other problem areas.  NOTE: We do recommend the use of SPF or sun block when engaging in any form of sun tanning.

Our Chemist recommended that we not add any of the above to our product.  So many of our customers want different degrees of sunscreens or sun blocks that it would be impossible to satisfy all of them.

Again, we emphasize that this product fades but does not wash off.  For the very best results, follow our instructions and apply the product at night and rinse the next morning.  Do not swim immediately after application of the product; this would result in waste.  Instead, swim after your morning rinse.

Dermatologists will enthusiastically agree that tanning with a dihydroxy formulation is much safer than tanning for prolonged hours in the sun.  Our company members are very conscientious about safety, health, and environmental issues.  For this reason, we have created an organically based product to ensure a safe tan and to promote healthy skin.  We used no animal testing because our product contains no harmful ingredients that would have required extensive animal testing.

YES! Our formula was designed for the entire body, including the face.  Often separate tanning products are sold for the face simply as a marketing strategy.  Our product is a delicate blend of quality ingredients.  We recommend using the tri-pak system to achieve optimum tanning results on face and body.

Because the level of moisture in each skin type varies, drying time will also vary slightly.  In general, we have found that 20 minutes is sufficient time for the product to dry.  Many choose to apply the product several hours before going to bed to ensure that the product has dried completely.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Oily & Dry? Heres why!

What is the best way to treat skin that is both oily and dry at the same time?

Skin that is both oily and dry at the same time is typically the result of dehydration, so you’ll want to introduce that vital moisture back into the client’s skin with hydrating serums and masques.

Also, if the client’s skin condition permits, do an exfoliation treatment to relieve the follicles of any congestion that may be preventing the skin from absorbing products efficiently.

                                                                                                          And of course make sure the client isn't using any ingredients at home that are contributing to the dehydration and ensure that she or he is moisturizing twice daily.

Thank you & Best Regards your,
Skin Care Specialist
Sonu. P @ Avantika Spa